Custom Domain

If you’d like a custom domain for your MxTryr Site, you first need to purchase a domain!

  1. To register your domain, you need a registrar who will sell you a domain name or Top-Level Domain (TLD). Check to see if your domain is available by searching the ICANN Registration data lookup tool.
  2. Head over to NameCheap (affiliate link) and
  3. Once your domain is in your Namecheap account, you can modify the DNS.
  4. Choose the “Domain” tab and find the “Nameservers” section.
  5. Instead of “Namecheap BasicDNS,” select “Custom DNS”
  6. You’ll see spaces for nameservers and enter the following:
  7. Click the little green checkmark to confirm the settings. It can take up to 48 hours for the DNS settings to propagate around the world.
  8. Fill out the form below and we’ll change your MxTryr Site domain to match your custom domain!
Note, as soon as we receive this request, we’ll make the change. Since DNS changes may take some time to update, you may briefly lose access to your site. If in doubt, wait a few days after changing your domain DNS settings.